Penguins playing in the snow is seriously the cutest video you will see today.

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They are just so stinking cute. Visitors of the St. Louis Zoo got a surprise as some of the zookeepers took a few penguins out to play in the snow which then turned into a stroll in the zoo. The penguins look like they are living their best life just throwing the snow with their wings, waddling from snow pile to snow pile, and just overjoyed with the snow.

I've never seen a penguin walk which many zoos do, but how fun would it be to be visiting the zoo and find penguins out of their home. According to the St. Louis Zoo Facebook page, these walks are spur-of-moment walks and not scheduled.

The walks are not pre-scheduled and do not occur on a regular basis. Instead, when the weather cooperates, the birds are given the option to participate in spontaneous and enriching outdoor walks.


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