It's not often you'll be this close to the birth of 3 rare tiger cubs like the ones just born at the St. Louis Zoo. There are photos and a video to show how special this extremely rare event is.

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The St. Louis Zoo announced on their website that 3 baby Amur tigers were born on November 13, 2023. It's the first successful birth of tiger cubs in more than a decade. The zoo said "baby tigers’ parents are mother Reka (pronounced REE-kuh), age 5, and father Maxim, age 11".

stlzootube via YouTube
stlzootube via YouTube

Great news is that both mother Reka and the 3 tiger cubs are all doing well in the zoo's maternity ward and the zoo says she's being a great mom so far and taking good care of the young ones.

It'll be a few months before the tiger cubs will be viewable in Big Cat Country at the St. Louis Zoo.

But, what are the tiger cubs names?

The St. Louis Zoo says that the cubs will get names after an upcoming veterinary exam. Until then, they will continue to grow healthier and stronger with their mother.

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