The Cops Connecting with Kids trip to Disney World returned to Evansville on Saturday, and brought with them countless memories that will last a lifetime. Fortunately for those of us that weren't there to experience it firsthand, dpb Cinematography tagged along to document the entire trip from the time they left the schools, to the time their feet touched the ground back home.

According to Evansville Police Department Sergeant Jason Cullum, the man behind the annual trip, the production company is in the process of putting together a short documentary about the trip and the program in general featuring interviews with a few of the students as well as Sergeant Cullum and the other members of law enforcement that serve as chaperones. While no release date has been announced for that film, the company did release the short highlight film above. Check it out and just look at the pure joy on the student's faces as they experience the trip of a lifetime.

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