It's no secret that farming is a way of life in our part of America. That's true even on a golf green as a new video proved showing a true Illinois genius who sank a putt with his tractor.

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This epic tractor golfing moment happened at the John Deere Classic in Illinois recently. Here's a quick description from the YouTube share explaining what's going on here:

Matt Holland, 32, is a marketing manager for Prairie State Tractor based in Illinois, US. Along with his fellow golf-loving colleagues, Matt recently attended the John Deere Classic golf tournament and got to test out the incredible events on display. At the tournament, Matt filmed some golfers using a JDC digger to put a ball into the hole.

He putts better with a tractor than I ever have with a real golf club and I realize that's not saying much.

Apparently Matt knows a thing or two about tractors and also has a love of golf, so this was a natural match. It's one thing to successfully hit a golf ball (albeit a large one) with a tractor. It's yet another to actually sink it which is what Matt did.

Since Matt's normal hangout is Prairie State Tractor in Illinois, I guess this is no major surprise although his video is now a YouTube and TikTok hit. Leave it to an Illinoisan to mash golf and farming into one fun thing.

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