Johnney Anderson didn't expect to celebrate Father's Day like this. As his wife drove him to a family member's home in Kansas City, Missouri, he saw something strange in a neighbor's pool. He had his wife stop the car and he jumped the fence to save a drowning fawn from a pool.

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Johnney's wife Alisa Anderson told the story in the video description explaining that when her husband saw a small head pop up out of a pool they were driving by, he knew they had to stop and see what was going on. Looking through the fence, he could see it was a baby fawn who was struggling in the pool. When he found the gate was locked, he pulled a Spiderman move and jumped it. This is what happened next.

Johnney handed the fawn through the gate to his wife. She then led the fawn to the nearby woods so she could be reunited with her mother. How did she get in the pool? No way to know, but she was likely small enough to fit through the fence and got curious about the water.

This is another example of a good Samaritan who could have just kept on driving, but decided to stop and rescue an animal in distress. Well done, Johnney and Alisa. Your Kansas City, Missouri neighbors should be proud of your quick thinking and selfless actions.

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