In 2008 an article appeared on CNN claiming the Bobby Goldsboro tune "Honey" was the worst country tune in history. It is actually pretty sappy but as a tearjerker it gets the job done. I played the tune this past Saturday morning on WKDQ's "COUNTRY CLASSICS" show. That was the first time I had heard the song in many years and it brought back memories of the first time I had played it as a DJ in 1968. The audience loved it back then and it stayed number one for FIVE weeks. Does it have the same effect today as it did in the Peace and Love year of '68? Is it really the worst of all time? What's your vote for the worst? "Achy Breaky Heart"? "She Thinks My Tractor's sexy"? or something else? Actually when I see someone else's list of the worst, I like them all!

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