I will be the first to tell you that I'm not a big fan of America's Got Talent.  I have only watched it a handful of times since it's debut a few years ago.  For whatever reason, I flipped to the show last night, just in time to see something amazing.  It was Tim Poe, the war veteran, who was injured in combat and has overcome a brain injury, to become a great singer.

Poe's story was something that immediately caught the attention of my wife and myself.  Being that Tim was singing a Garth Brooks song, and that I'm a huge Garth fan and a country DJ, I was sucked in.  Being that Tim spoke with a noticeable stutter due to his brain injury, my wife, the speech pathologist, was intrigued as well.

By the end of his story and performance of "If Tomorrow Never Comes," Tim Poe had us and the whole audience and panel of judges in tears as well.  He has what it takes to go a long way on this show, and he may just have gotten me to watch "America's Got Talent" more often.