Walmart is highlighting some of its employees' vocal talents in a new ad that shows various store associates singing "Lean on Me."

The commercial serves as a useful reminder to still be neighborly amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its resulting isolation for many. And it drives home the fact that retail workers remain America's lifeline while folks stay homebound and practice social distancing.

The spot positions its heartwarming message of togetherness by showcasing a succession of nationwide Walmart employees trading stanzas of singer-songwriter Bill Withers' classic 1972 song. The ad also serves as a tribute to the musician, who died last week (March 30) at age 81.

The commercial, which is titled "Walmart Neighbors," emerged on YouTube April 4. It begins with a simple greeting ("To America, from our associates") before weaving together the selfie-style clips of the employees' performances. Throughout, it contains photos of store patrons and other Walmart workers.

"We've seen our communities come together in inspiring ways," the video's description reads. "And as our associates have shown, there's more than one way for us to lean on each other. We're here for you."

As an essential business, Walmart remains open during the global health crisis. As outlined on its corporate website, the retail giant has taken steps to help both employees and customers. That includes reduced store hours, emergency sick leave, and no-contact pickup and delivery.

Other chains are also making changes to help out during the COVID-19 predicament. Late last month, the CEO of Texas Roadhouse announced that he was giving up his yearly salary to help the eatery's frontline workers.

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