I don't know about you, but this is a dining experience that I have got to visit soon!

When it comes to eating out at a restaurant, there are certain things that everyone expects. The most obvious thing would be good food. If the food is bad, you most likely won't go back. The second thing that everyone expects when they go out to eat is good service. We all know that if your server never comes to check on you, or if they are extremely rude, even if the food is good, it can ruin a dining experience fast. However, there's one restaurant in St. Louis that you can go to where rude servers are expected, which makes the dining experience very entertaining.

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What is Karen's Diner?

So, Karen's Diner is kind of similar to Dick's Last Resort, where the waiters are just rude to customers, but that's the whole point of going there. It's a 50's themed diner with good food, and terrible service, which is what made the chain really popular on TikTok. The chain is pretty big in Australia and the UK. However, the St. Louis location that opened in mid-November is Karen's first location in the United States. According to Karen's Diner:

Karen's is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karen's, you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters and forced to play a variety of games. <br /><br />You can expect good food, good fun and a dining experience like you've never had before. Let us know if it's your birthday, if your name is Karen and for the love of Karen don't ask to speak to the manager...
Karen's Diner
Karen's Diner

That last line there is key because apparently, the manager is the rudest of them all. Oh, and if your name is actually Karen they will give you a free drink, FYI. Now, even though the whole premise of this place is for everyone to roast each other over a meal, there are some rules to follow. These rules include no harassment of any kind, no body shaming, no damage or vandalism, and don't throw food or drinks. The rules on the website go into more detail, but if you break any of the rules, you will be kicked out and banned.

What Does Karen's Diner Serve?

The menu actually sounds delicious. Karen's has various burgers, wings, fries, desserts, and alcoholic beverages. You can view the full menu by clicking here.

Karen's Diner
Karen's Diner

It should be noted that kids 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for lunch and 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for dinner. This is because the language might be inappropriate and offensive. Karen's encourages anyone under the age of 18 to visit before 5 p.m.

Karen's Diner in St. Louis is located at 5800 Gravois in the Lemmon’s building. You can learn more and book your table by clicking here. The next time I visit St. Louis, I am definitely going to visit Karen's because there's nothing I love more than a good roast and dinner.

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