Spring is the time of year where everything starts anew. Trees and flowers start to blossom with new buds, the birds start to chirp again, and cats start having kittens. Lots and lots of kittens.

Many of those kittens are born to neighborhood cats who don't belong to anyone and haven't been spayed which often leads to residents in those neighborhoods taking them to the VHS to give them a chance at surviving. While there's no question that is the right thing to do, the VHS only has so much space, and when litter after litter, pregnant cat after pregnant cat keeps landing on their doorstep, it doesn't take long to fill that space. But, there's a way you can help.

The VHS is currently looking to line up foster families to help care for some of the kittens they have along with those they anticipate getting over the next few months.

How long that is is completely up to you. According to the VHS website, "animals will typically be in your care anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on their ages and needs." However, if a family emergency comes up, or you have a trip planned around the same time, they'll make arrangements with another foster home to take over. They'll appreciate whatever time you can provide.

All the food, medicine, supplies (for example, bottles to feed the babies their formula), toys, and instructions on how to properly care for the kitties will be provided by the shelter at no charge to you. Once your pre-determined foster time is over, simply return the animals back to the shelter so they can get them ready for adoption.

Now of course, you can't just walk in the VHS, grab a box full of kittens and walk out the door. There are some stipulations to being a foster home along with application paperwork to fill out so the VHS can vett you and make sure you're on the up-and-up. You can see those stipulations, plus all the expectations for fosters, and download the foster application on the VHS website.

[Source: Vanderburgh Humane Society]

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