The week leading up to Christmas was definitely the most wonderful time of the year for many of the animals waiting for someone to make them part of their family.

The Vanderburgh Humane Society celebrated the adoptions of 104 animals with a post on Facebook Monday afternoon. According to the post, a majority of the adoptions were cats and dogs, some of which had been under the care of the VHS for quite some time.

There was Furby, a cat who finally found a place to call home after spending 200 days at the shelter as its longest-tenured feline resident. Lila, an 11-year-old dog spent Christmas with her new family after living at the VHS for three months, and Dexter, one of 58 cats taken in by the VHS through a recent hoarding case, was the first of that group to find a new permanent place to call home.

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Animals at the shelter weren't the only ones to find their forever homes. Eight cats who lived at River Kitty Cat Cafe on the Main Street Walkway in downtown Evansville also found new families to love them. And it wasn't just cats and dogs who found permanent families. 12 parakeets and a pair of guinea pigs who "came from different backgrounds but fell in love at the shelter" also found new families.

While over 100 adoptions is great news for those animals and opens up some space at the VHS, the shelter still has a ton of other dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds, and more looking for someone to come by and make them part of their family. Check out all the potential pets currently available for adoption at the VHS website. Who knows, you might find your next furry soulmate.

Special Holiday Hours

The VHS will have a slightly different schedule this week due to the New Year's holiday. Here are their scheduled hours of operation for this week (December 27th, 2021 - January 2nd, 2022):

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 12:00-6:00
  • Friday, New Year’s Eve: 12:00-4:00
  • Saturday, New Year’s Day: CLOSED
  • Sunday, 1/2/2022: 12:00-4:00

[Source: Vanderburgh Humane Society on Facebook]

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