Well, so legend says. The William T Young library, rumor has it, is sinking, The reason has been speculated to be everything from the karst deposits (eroded limestone which can results in sinkholes) to an architect that didn't account for the weight of the books when building the seal. Whatever the reason it does look like it's sinking a little. Or, is it just an optical illusion.

Many legends swirl around campus. According to kykernal.com, there are many haunted dorms, a stump that steals your soul if you touch it, a statues toes that will give you luck during final exams and myths about getting straight A's for on campus accidents.

Speaking of haunted and give you the willy's UK, I found this on FB.

Tonya Klaes/Haunted History of Kentucky/Facebook
Tonya Klaes/Haunted History of Kentucky/Facebook

Do you know of any local legends that creep you out?


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