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UFO fans were very active this week when an unidentified object appeared to fly alongside the International Space Station. The video which lasts over 20 minutes was captured on NASA's live TV as the ISS orbited about 220 miles above Earth.

The views of UFOs are not new to the Space Station. Several times since the Station began orbiting the Earth in 2000 other objects have been seen. They usually turn out to be space debris but some are unidentified. What makes the February 22  encounter different is that after pacing along next to the ISS the object appears to fly off at a different angle.

About a third of Americans believe UFOs are alien visitors and two thirds think the government knows more than they are telling us. Here's the entire 22 minutes of the NASA video so you can determine for yourself what the cone shaped visitor may be:

On the audio feed the astronaut seems to not be seeing the object on the NASA live broadcast. Look out the window please!

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