It's one thing for a lone person to see an unidentified flying object. It's something else entirely when multiple people see something strange especially when they're all in different locations. That's exactly what happened in Missouri recently.

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A UFO YouTube channel very recently did a breakdown of a cigar-shaped object spotted over Missouri. It features 3 different videos from 3 different people who apparently saw the same object while being miles apart. Here's how he described it:

Cylinder or Cigar shaped UFO witnessed and recorded by three different people miles apart in the state of Missouri

See what you make of this strange object.

It's easy to fake one video. Record a strange object on one video layer, then put it on top of another showing a town or landscape. However, showing an object that has the same movement from 3 different perspectives is nearly impossible to fake.

Does that mean this is E.T. waiting to phone home? Nope. It could be something as simple as a weather balloon, but they don't appear in the same shape as whatever this is.

I still say that if this phenomenon is real and even the government seems to be admitting it is, you should question the motives of whatever intelligence is responsible. Assume they're evil and make them prove they aren't if they ever decide to reveal themselves. Better safe than sorry (and deceived) I say.

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