It's been almost a week since we had the confirmation that Aleah Beckerle had been found. Unfortunately it was not the outcome we had hoped for. It breaks my heart that this happened in our community. But two brothers are making sure Aleah's family and friends see that the community is keeping her memory alive.  

Evansville Police Department
Evansville Police Department

A photo has been circulating on Facebook, the photo tells how two brothers are trying to keep Aleah's memory alive, by assuming the responsibility to light the candles at her memorial, and making sure they are lit every day.

They said they could use some donations of votive candles, and 2032 C batteries for LED candles.

Here's what Laura VanBibber Jackson had to say about the two brother's volunteering their time,

Brothers who live in the neighborhood keep the candles burning. They ask anyone wishing to assist them to bring voltive candles and 2032 button batteries for battery operated candles. Also vases for cut flowers are helpful.

Aleah's search team members laid down their orange tees on the bottom step symbolizing this is where the search ended. They fulfilled their promise to her and to each other to never give up until she was found.


Here is the post Laura posted onto Facebook, in there you'll see the photos of the two brothers.

When you hear stories like Aleah's tragic story, it's easy to get hung up on the darkness in the world, and it's easy to feel sad, and like the world is not a good place. But then you hear stories like this one. Stories of the helpers, who in the wake of tragedy, are doing small gestures that have huge meaning. It reminds you that there is still good in the world. There is still love in Evansville. And I believe the love in this city overshadows the hate and darkness. I have no doubt that justice for Aleah will prevail.   Aleah's story will forever be at the heart of our community.


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