Looking for another way to keep yourself entertained during the Stay-At-Home Order? Here's an idea.

You can turn your entire house into a miniature golf course by replacing your air vents with putting cup air vents. Quarantine just got a little more exciting!


The Puttacup is designed to replace the vents and grates covering the floor ducts in a home with central heating and air conditioning. The Puttacup vent cover has openings allowing hot or cold air to be pumped into a room, although it does appear to slightly limit the airflow when compared to a standard vent, but you can always switch them out before and after playing.

It should be noted that this air vent cover only fits into a standard 4.25" x 10"  floor vent hole.  DO NOT order if you don't have that vent size, you will be very disappointed when they arrive only to find out that they don't fit your air vent.


You can order these for $25 a piece. However, their website says that bulk pricing is available too. This may be just what you need to cure your quarantine blues. Find out more about the Puttacup and how to order by visiting their website here or by checking out these similiar products on Amazon.

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