After the Florida high school shooting, parents, students and teachers are screaming with fear that enough is enough! Owensboro teacher, not only an educator but a parent, pleads with us ALL to work together, party aside, and really work to make schools safe for our kids.

As I reflect over these past few weeks, I'm pissed! As a teacher, father, human... I'm pissed. It's complicated I know, but it's important enough for all hands on deck! We better get a grip on the violence, put politics aside because this isn't some election! We are failing an entire generation and it's embarrassing. We need to grab our schools by the horns and get some things accomplished! This is our future, our children, our future grandchildren, great-grandchildren that are being affected. This isn't just a "now" problem, there are lives being taken, lives that will never be created now because of this evil. People who are being cheated out of life and for those still here, cheated out of normalcy! Forget if it's a gun or a people issue, bottom line is its a problem that needs fixing. Forget that kids may be affected by seeing armed guards in their schools, let's make it OUR doing that is affecting them- not the action of evil. Kids adjust better than adults I promise. Safety should be #1 priority, not politics or an argument over who's fault it is. Because guess who's fault it's going to be if it happens again without some attempts of fixing this? ALL of ours, that's who! We need to quit pointing the freaking finger and ACT! It makes me sick when the first thing that enters my mind when I drive up to work or when I drop MY kids off at school is "if this is the day me or my children are hit with this"? It sucks, it's sad that we are at this point but the fact is we are. So we need to wake up and act before we regret. Do I have all the answers? Nope but I know there are things that can be done and whatever it is can always be changed or improved. #ActNow

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