This might be one of the most unique places you can stay the next time you visit Nashville, Tennessee.

I have done several posts about places in the region that you can stay in when you visit the area. So I decided to find a new, unique place to highlight each week in the region that you can visit. This new series will be called Tri-State Travels. This doesn't necessarily mean that all of these places are found here in the Tri-State, however these are places that Tri-Staters might like to visit when they plan trips in these areas.

This week, let's highlight a place in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I have never seen an Airbnb quite like this before. Why is it so unique? Because you can stay in underground huts! Forrest Gully Farms in Santa Fe, Tennessee has and Earth Home. This is basically a one of a kind camping experience where you stay underground in these huts.

Forest Gully Farms via Airbnb
Forest Gully Farms via Airbnb

Earth Home features three huts, which will all be yours for your stay. Two huts feature sleeping areas while the other hut is home to a kitchen area. It sleeps 8 guests and has two bedrooms with 6 beds. Plenty of room for you and your friends/family to getaway. Speaking of plenty of room, these huts sit on 15 acres that you can explore all to yourself. There's also a 1.5 bathhouse and laundry room 30 yards from huts. While you're there, you can hang out by the fire pit, hike to the creek and the kids can play in their own playhouse hut. On top of that, guests can gather fresh eggs from the chickens, pick blueberries, blackberries, be a farm hand and more, depending on the season.

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You can learn more about Earth Home by Forest Gully Farms and find out how to book your stay by clicking on the Airbnb listing page here. Take a look at Earth Home to see how amazing this place looks in the photos below.

Stay In Underground Huts In The Nashville, Tennessee Area


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