The human mind is a fascinating thing. It's always working, making observations and recording them even when we don't realize it. Then, for whatever reason, it waits until you're trying to relax and recharge your body with a good night's sleep to come alive, take all those random observations or thoughts, and mash them altogether into some kind of scene out of a Tim Burton movie that leaves you thinking, "what the..." (well, you know) was that all about.

We asked you to share some of those dreams that left a lasting impression on our Facebook page, and boy, did you have some doozies (in a totally non-judgmental way, of course).

Tri-State Residents Share Their Bizarre Dreams

What any of these dreams mean is up for debate. Psychologists and scholars have been trying to figure the meaning behind dreams for centuries. However, progress has been made. Despite dreams being unique to each person, research has shown there common underlying themes, even though the "players" within the dreams are different. The list below touches on 10 of the most common themes and what they could represent for you.

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10 of the Most Common Nightmares and What They Could Mean

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