We've known since last weekend's snow there was a chance we'd see it again this weekend, but according to Ron Rhodes, snow could be the least of our concerns, it's the Flash Freezing we should be worried about.

As he does everyday, Ron called the show this morning to update us on the weather over the next few days, and while things are pretty boring right this minute, that will change as we get closer to the weekend. According to Ron most, if not all of the Tri-State will see heavy rain first as temperatures stay above the freezing mark both during the day and overnight hours. His concern, as you can hear below, is what all that water will do when the temperature drops well below freezing late Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Ron also said that out of town travel may not be the best idea especially if you plan on heading north for whatever reason as cities such as Indianapolis could see up to a foot of snow. Yikes!

Take a listen to Ron's, admittedly, less-than-bright outlook for the weekend in the video below.

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