I have been a member of Heritage Federal Credit Union for a while, and I have found that using their app is beyond convenient.

There are so many cool things about the app. First off, I can view my transactions on my accounts at the tap of a button. Plus I can easily search my transaction history, if say, I forgot if I paid a bill or something along those lines. I look at this stuff all of the time!

The HFCU mobile app also allows you to deposit checks to your account from anywhere you can get a cell phone signal. If you haven’t done this, then you are missing out, seriously. This saves so much time. No waiting, no lines, just snap, deposit – and you're done.

Here's another cool feature of the mobile app.  You can transfer funds between HFCU accounts. Let's say you want to split the bill with friends, or want to send your kid some money while they're at college. You can do that with a click of a button.

Want to find out more about Heritage Federal Credit Union and their mobile app? Visit Heritage Federal Credit Union's website or stop by any of their branches in the Tri-State.

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