If you attach the word "most" to nearly anything, you'll find someone who'll argue with you that it's not the most beautiful, most fun, most affordable, etc. When I checked some studies on the world's most boring cities, I found that no two studies came to the same conclusion about which places were boring and which ones weren't.

One site said that here in the United States, the most boring city is Atlanta. Another site claims the most boring cities in our country are Wichita, Kansas, or Charlotte, North Carolina, or Phoenix, Arizona. And yet another site says it's definitely Lubbock, Texas.

But what about right here in Illinois? Which cities in our state list "watching the grass grow" as their primary offering when it comes to fun stuff to do?

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Before Calling Out Some Illinois Towns For Being Boring, We Should Consider What Actually Makes A Town Boring

According to several sources that I researched, these things are just some of the reasons a town can be called boring:

  • No interesting or unique restaurants/bars
  • Lack of museums and culture
  • People who live there are not friendly or welcoming
  • No nightlife
  • Weather is usually the same
  • Bland or non-remarkable architecture
  • No (or limited) recreational facilities
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A Website That Specializes In Information And Insights On Various Aspects Of American Cities And States Recently Released Their List Of Illinois' Most Boring Places Of 2023

RoadSnacks.net is quick to point out that they're not calling the entire state boring, just certain spots within our borders:

Just like in all U.S. States, there are definitely some boring places within Illinois’ borders. You know the places where everyone has an AARP card and the most exciting thing they do all day is post a picture of their grandchild on Facebook.

Here's what RoadSnacks.net came up with for their list of Illinois' ten most boring places:

The 10 Most Boring Places In Illinois

    1. Spring Grove
    2. Geneseo
    3. South Barrington
    4. Godfrey
    5. East Alton
    6. Long Grove
    7. Sugar Grove
    8. Bartonville
    9. Peru
    10. Homer Glen

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