A kiss can mean just about anything, from "I'm sorry" to "I love you." From first kisses to last kisses, just about every type of kiss is covered in one country song or another; the genre includes upbeat, euphoric songs about kissing, heartbreaking ballads about goodbye kisses and everything in between.

The Boot's Top 10 Country Songs About Kissing list includes a little bit of everything: every type of song, every type of kiss. Read on to hear our favorite songs about smooching:

  • 10

    "Last Kiss"

    Taylor Swift

    Back when Swift was still a country artist, she put this absolute heartbreaker on Speak Now and made everyone cry. Widely believed to be about her ex-boyfriend (and fellow artist) Joe Jonas, this sparse weeper collapses into a chorus about last kisses: “But now I’ll go sit on the floor / Wearing your clothes / All that I know is / I don’t know how to be something you miss / I never thought we’d have a last kiss,” she sings.

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    "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

    Toby Keith

    “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” was a No. 1 hit for Keith from his 1999 album How Do You Like Me Now?! The song’s narrator is struggling with his relationship with a friend, for whom he has more-than-friend feelings. The chorus is a plea, as Keith sings, “You shouldn’t kiss me like this / Unless you mean it like that.

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    "Kiss a Girl"

    Keith Urban

    “Kiss a Girl” is a joyful, hopeful song about finally deciding to move on after a painful relationship: “I’m finally ready to find somebody new,” Urban sings. “I wanna kiss a girl / I wanna hold her tight / Maybe make a little magic in the moonlight.” The song was one of Urban’s earlier crossover hits.

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    "When You Kiss Me"

    Shania Twain

    Twain’s “When You Kiss Me” is a simmering ballad, and the song that closes her 2002 album Up! The love song culminates in her singing in the chorus, “When you kiss me / I know you miss me / And when you’re with me / The world just goes away.” The fifth single from Up!, “When You Kiss Me” feels and sounds like vintage Twain.

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    "Kiss an Angel Good Morning"

    Charley Pride

    Pride originally released this song in 1971; it was the first single featured on Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs, and became one of his signature songs and a crossover hit. A straightforward, sweet song, "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" features a narrator explaining that his good mood is owed to the fact that he gets to “kiss an angel good morning.” Alan Jackson recorded a popular cover for his 1999 album Under the Influence.

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    "Kiss You Tonight"

    David Nail

    Everything will be alright if I can kiss you tonight,” Nail declares in the chorus of this song. In “Kiss You Tonight,” the narrator is trying to redeem a broken relationship and is convinced that a kiss will solve it ... and for Nail, recording this song was its own love story: As he shared in a video introducing the 2014 single, “"Kiss You Tonight" was a song that, the first time I heard it, I knew I was going to record it.”

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    "Shut Up and Kiss Me"

    Mary Chapin Carpenter

    There’s a reason that “Shut Up and Kiss Me” was a No. 1 Billboard hit (Carpenter’s only) and a Grammy Awards winner: It’s an upbeat mid-tempo song with honky-tonk piano infusions, and there’s something genius about the way that Carpenter delivers the line, “It’s been too long since somebody whispered, ‘Shut up and kiss me.’”

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    "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"

    Thompson Square

    “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” earned Thompson Square two Grammys nominations and went double platinum. The song uses the question “Are you gonna kiss me or not?” as a framing device for its love story: In the first verse, the love interest unexpectedly asks the narrator that question, and the song eventually culminates in a marriage ceremony, with the narrator lifting the bride’s veil and asking the titular question. We’re assuming the answer was “yes.”

  • 2

    "Just a Kiss"

    Lady Antebellum

    Lady A’s Charles Kelley once said that writing this song “renewed my faith in the bond the three of us have as songwriters.” The power ballad celebrates the spark of new love, with lyrics including “Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight / Just a touch of the fire burning so bright.” It captures that feeling so well that it’s been featured in a TV show more than once and has gone double platinum.

  • 1

    "This Kiss"

    Faith Hill

    Anyone who's ever heard of Hill has probably caught themselves singing this song's infamous refrain -- “This kiss, this kiss” -- at one time or another. Perhaps that’s because Hill’s 1998 crossover smash was a No. 1 hit and a two-time Grammy Awards nominee. Or maybe it’s because it’s so fun to sing lines like, “It’s centrifugal motion / It’s perpetual bliss.” Either way, it might just be country’s best known song about kissing.

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