A mom of one of the pageant girls on the reality show, ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ is suing several media outletsfor “sexualizing” her five-year-old daughter.  Really!?!  In other news the pot had some strong words for a dark colored kettle.

In case you're not familiar with the TLC reality show, it follows the ins and outs of parents and their overly-made-up girls, barely out of the womb in beauty pageants.  I think the show is already done in a tongue and cheek manner, which any parent knows when they sign the consent form to be on it.  But even the best editing couldn't make most of these parents look worse than they make themselves come off in the first place. 

Five-year-old, Isabella Barrett, was caught on tape singing ‘Sexy and I Know It‘ by pop/dance group LMFAO.  Let me add that her mom is grinning like a cat sitting next to her as she sings. Despite that fact...AND the fact that Susanna set up the photo-op herself, with a publicist, she is apparently outraged and has filed suit against TMZ, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail Online and others, claiming they sought to “sexualize” her fourth-grader by reporting on the event.

In a statement to CNN, Susanna added, “After this firestorm, I quickly protected my daughter by having cease and desist orders sent to most media outlets that ran the story… I intend to clear my daughter’s name.”

Clear her name from what?  We see the video.  We see you.  We hear her sing the words, "I'm sexy and I know it..."  You, mom need to sue yourself for "sexualizing" your daughter, and then try for more age-appropriate activities like playing with toys and singing nursery rhymes.



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