With Christmas fast approaching, just how much time do you have left to get your packages in the mail so they arrive on time? According to the United States Postal Service, the clock is ticking for you to get your packages delivered on time. This Saturday, December 14th is the deadline for retail ground shipping. Here's the shipping deadline breakdown for you to get them by Christmas

Dec. 14th with Ground Retail

Dec. 20th with First-Class Mail.

Dec. 21th with Priority Mail Service

Dec. 23nd with Priority Mail Express Service

USPS also offers informed delivery so you can track your packages and know when they've made it to your home. I set this up for every package I have delivered so I know exactly when it has arrived and also so I know if it's missing if someone else has sticky fingers and nabs it before I can get home. USPS will even deliver shipping materials to you free of charge. Learn more at USPS.com and have a happy holidays!

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