I like all kinds of country music, but like many others these days, I am starting to turn against the cliche country that seems to be coming out, rapid-fire lately.  I'm not going crazy for it if it involves driving a truck down a back road at midnight, in the moonlight, with a cold beer or a bottle of 'shine, and your baby by your side...well, look!  I just wrote a song.  Anyway, I have found some tunes that just came out that are a breath of fresh air to me.

Darius Rucker "Miss You"

He may not have started in country, but he knows his way around a good country song.  While this song sounds very contemporary, it has the underlying pain and reality that a good country song needs.  This may turn out to be the biggest song of his country career.

Jamie Lynn Spears "How Could I Want More"

Let's all try to forget who she is related to, or what she's been through in the past...even though it's all pretty country if you ask me.  This song is strictly country!  When is the last time you can say you heard that from any female in country except maybe Miranda Lambert.  I'm loving this!

Easton Corbin "Clockwork"

I can honestly say, I haven't really been the biggest fan of Corbin's over the first few singles of his career, but I heard this one and he changed my mind.  Forget any comparisons that he's been labeled with, Easton Corbin is not falling into the trap of releasing what's 'hip,' but he is showing you can still be country, and relevant...others take note.