Is that a house or a spaceship?

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It looks like a spaceship, or maybe even a pinwheel, whatever you call it this house is one-of-a-kind. Selling for $650,000 in Somonauk, Illinois this four-bedroom, five bathrooms home is unique style home. The woodwork throughout the home, and on 2.65 acres of the 5 total and the other 2.35 acres is designated Agricultural and is covered under the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife Management Program, which reduces the taxes. That will save you some money each year. THe rooms are not the normal rectangular shape too.

Because of the circular dome home, the rooms are not rectangular. Instead, they fan out from the central core. So the sizes in the room descriptions are not accurate; they are just an approximation of the square footage.

I am sure you will have one of the most different and uniques houses in the entire state. You could go all out for holiday decorating. you can put some sort of top like a handle on the roof and turn the house into a pinwheel. I mean the ideas are endless. The property you get and still being close to town, it's really a dream house for someone.

Don Wiley Swanson Real Estate/
Don Wiley Swanson Real Estate/

I wonder how many times you can run around it to run a mile, or how many times inside so you have to run in a circle for a mile?

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