There's no doubt that Garth Brooks is a special entertainer. His songs have been super but there is something about Garth himself The first time I saw Garth he was not on stage. It was in 1991 in Chattanooga. I was program director of a country station and Garth was in town for a concert.

I had two contest winners and my wife to escort backstage before the show to meet Garth. His road manager took us into his dressing room, made everyone comfortable, and said Garth would be right out. We chatted among ourselves and after a while realized someone else was in the room. We all quit talking and looked at the newcomer who was wearing sweats and standing quietly waiting for us to complete our conversation. It was Garth Brooks acting nothing like a superstar. He politely introduced himself and brought out pictures and tee shirts for my winners and signed everything.

Big Bill Love
Big Bill Love

Here's Garth  and me 28 years younger in his dressing room getting autographs.  He seemed to have all the time in the world for us. Finally I had to suggest we get on upstairs and get our seats because the opening act, Carl Perkins, had started. Garth accompanied us to the dressing room door and treated all four of us like good friends he had just met. Garth also did something onstage that night in 1991 that convinced me he was going to be successful.

You have probably seen concerts where single flowers, usually roses, are sold in the lobby. Fans purchase them and give them to the artist during the performance. Usually the singer takes them and tosses them off to the side and continues to sing.

Many ladies brought roses down front to Garth that night, but he collected each like it was very special and arranged them in a bouquet as he sang. He cradled the bouquet in his arms as one would a new born baby. As his song was ending,  he knelt on one knee at the edge of the stage and carefully laid the grouping of roses as if he really cherished them. That was the moment when I knew Garth Brooks was the next country superstar.

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