It is easy to find all different kinds of lists that rank cities and states as either the best or worst of something (you name it - someone has ranked it). It's been my experience that, more times than not, Indiana is hidden somewhere in the middle of the pack - rarely ranked as one of the best or the worst. I'm excited to say that is NOT the case with the list I just found. just released its list of the 15 best state parks in the country, and one Indiana park not only made the list but cracked the top ten.

Turkey Run State Park

Lucky #7

The travel website ranks Indiana's Turkey Run State Park as the 7th best state park in the United States (out of more than 2,400 across the country). What is so special about Turkey Run that is deserves to be ranked this high? Here's what TravelAwaits has to say...

Located in west-central Indiana, Turkey Run State Park is a hidden gem for outdoor lovers. The park’s sandstone gorges, carved by the flow of Sugar Creek, offer picturesque hiking opportunities. Visitors can traverse scenic trails, cross suspension bridges, and even wade through the creek’s crystal-clear waters. With its unique geological features and diverse wildlife, Turkey Run State Park is a nature lover’s paradise in America’s heartland.

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Turkey Run is one of 24 state parks in the Hoosier state. It is located in Marshall, Indiana, just about three hours north of us. There are several state parks to choose from here in Southern Indiana, including Harmonie State Park, Lincoln State Park, and Patoka Lake State Park. Visit to see a map of all the state parks in Indiana.

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