This will take some explaining. A new video share shows an Illinois woman who out of the goodness of her heart arranged for a grocery bag pickup for...a squirrel. Her heart really is in the right place.

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This squirrel is named Brownie. She does squirrel things in Crest Hill, Illinois. I'll let her rescuer explain the rest from the video description:

I rescue, raise, and release animals such as squirrels, snakes, dogs, cats, and insects. Every summer I raise Monarchs and Swallowtails from eggs that I find on host plants that I grow in my garden. Last year I raised and released about 60 butterflies. I am a writer and artist that works in many mediums. The squirrel in this video, who I have named Brownie, is a new baby squirrel that was born late fall or over winter in my neighbor's tree. She is new to me, so I was shocked when she became so fearless and took nuts from my hands.

This is the short, but sweet video encounter.

Based on her story on Rumble, it appears this kind woman rescued this baby squirrel's mother from a hawk two years ago. That might explain why this young one is not afraid to accept food by hand from her. Do squirrels talk and, if so, what is that conversation like? Different story for a different day I suppose.

As it stands, it's an innocent moment between a tiny squirrel and an Illinois woman and that's good enough for me.

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