Dunkin' Donuts
Chris Hondros, Getty Images

Three robbers didn’t get away with the type of dough they were hoping to when they knocked over a Dunkin’ Donuts last week in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Three men looking to steal some money fled after stealing a bag of doughnuts they mistakenly thought was filled with cash.

The suspects, who were all armed, grabbed a paper bag from one of the employees, in the belief the bag was filled with cash.

Unfortunately for them, they never actually looked in the bag. If they had, they would’ve seen it was actually filled with sugary goodness in the form of doughnuts.

Perhaps having all that fattening food meant the robbers were a step too slow in trying to outrun the cops because police tracked them down and arrested them the next day.

Donut Alert:

No donuts tomorrow (6/15), because Jon & Leslie will be at the Denny's in Jasper. I will be at Stoney's Thursday(6/16) with your Donut Bank Donuts!

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