You might want to be a little more cautious the next time you boat, fish, or play in any of these Indiana lakes.

It's no secret that I am very afraid of snakes. That being said, I do understand are some benefits to keeping them around. However, if I were to see one in my yard, I would instinctively run away. The fact that I am even writing about snakes right now is baffling to me. Of course, this isn't the first time we have talked about snakes. In the past, some other snake-related articles have included: the four venomous snakes found in Indianathe biggest snake found in IndianaDIY repellants to keep snakes out of your yard, and an Indiana venomous snake that smells like cucumbers. Now, let's talk about something that will really make you think twice about spending some time on the lake by exploring the most snake-infested waters in Indiana.

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Let's say you are spending the day on an Indiana lake. You could be fishing, boating, or swimming when all of a sudden you see a snake's head pop out of the water...or even worse, you accidentally step on one and get bitten. That's one of my worst fears. Snakes in Indiana waterways are not uncommon. I've seen several while out kayaking, and I'm pretty sure that I paddled faster than any motor could have sent you across the water.  That being said, it’s important to know which bodies of water are the most snake-infested in Indiana, so you can be a little more cautious.


The Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Indiana

The website, Animals A-Z found the most snake-infested rivers in Indiana, however looking through the list, it looks more like lakes than rivers. Sure, rivers might flow through some to these areas, but they are more associated by the lakes. According to Animals A-Z:

<p>Did you know Indiana has over 30 types of snakes found within its limits? Of those 32 snakes, at least 10 species are water snakes — or reptiles that live close to or in the water.</p><p>There’s only one to be really worried about: the eastern <a href="" data-lasso-id="2516347">cottonmouth</a> snake, which is the only venomous water snake in Indiana. There are three other venomous snakes in Indiana, but they’re not semi-aquatic. Otherwise, most snakes in Indiana rivers are harmless.</p>

So, aside from the cottonmouth, you should be safe on the water, but poisonous or not, nobody really wants to get bitten by a snake. So, let's discover the most snake-infested lakes in Indiana.

1. Brookville Lake

Located in southeastern Indiana, Brookville Lake is a beautiful reservoir for fishing, hiking, boating, and swimming. However, it's also the most snake-infested lake in the entire state. Animals A-Z says that there are numerous northern water snake encounters, so be careful!

2. Long Lake

This lake is located in Northern Indiana. If you find yourself walking around the lake, you might run into an eastern garter snake or two along the bank or the surrounding wetlands. But, have no fear, these snakes are harmless...even though they'd still scare the you-know-what out of me.

3. Hovey Lake & Wildlife Area

This is an area in southern Indiana that I have been to a couple of times, and both times I was there, I did spot a snake. Hovey Lake is known to have quite the population of a very deadly snake. According to Animals A-Z:

One such habitat, the wooden areas behind the lake, makes an ideal home for the <a href="" data-lasso-id="2516358">copperhead</a>, a venomous pit viper inhabiting the region. Caution is advised, as these snakes prefer the cover of leaf litter and fallen logs.

4. Monroe Lake

This lake, located near Bloomington, Indiana is absolutely beautiful. The fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities are are the snake sighting opportunities. Among its snake inhabitants, the eastern rat snake is one of the most prominent. This non-venomous constrictor can be found near rocky outcrops and tree branches.

5. Grand Kankakee Marsh

This is an area that I'm not familiar with, but probably for good reason. Located in northwestern Indiana, the Grand Kankakee Marsh was one of the largest freshwater wetlands in the United States several decades ago, according to Animals A-Z. However, it has recently seen a large reduction due to residential and commercial development. So not much is left of this wetland, but what remains is some wildlife that includes the common eastern ribbon snake.

There you have it, the most snake-infested waters in Indiana. Now, I know hearing that might deter some from visiting some of these lakes. However, these areas have a lot to offer. You shouldn't avoid visiting these Indiana waterways during the summer. A lot of fun can be had, just be aware of your area and stay safe while still having fun. You can learn more about the most snake-infested waters in Indiana by clicking here.

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