The Fall Festival is still four months away, but that doesn't mean we can't sample a new treat that would be hugely popular on West Franklin. There is a new candy out of Japan that I could see being huge with children and it is 'toilet candy'...yes, toilet candy! What is toilet candy and why would I even think about eating it? That's the question in your mind right now. The candy comes in powder form that you mix with water and is prepared in a tiny plastic toilet that comes in the package.

You assemble the toilet...not that complicated, then you add the powder and some water to the toilet tank. The mixture bubbles up into the toilet bowl and all you do is mix and drink with a tiny straw that is included.It tastes like a cola and even comes with a tiny plunger and tiny spray cleaner bottle. Would you try it? See for yourself below. This is so Fall Festival, don't you think?


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