As you may have heard, I visited Gaylord Opryland Resort last week and had a ton of fun at their Country Christmas celebration  (See photo galleries 1, 2, and 3).  One of the areas that has been a part of Country Christmas at Opryland longer than anything else is the Treasures For The Holidays.  This exhibit hall full of vendors has just that...treasures, in all shapes and sizes.  Included in that was an interesting man and his yummy creations that my wife couldn't resist. 

Now the Tresures For The Holidays is basically an upscale flea market or state fair type event, with vendors that make the rounds in these type of events all year long.  At one booth, the sights and smells of dozens of dips and soups, there for the tasting, just pulled us in.  Behind the table was a vibrant Cajun gentleman, hocking his "All Of Us Old Plantation Soups."  The minute we made eye contact, he reeled us in.  "C'mon over heyah n' try some 'dis soup, ya'll!"  Uh oh!  That's how they get you.  "Ma'am, you try 'dis Chicken' you, buddy, you try 'dis Cowboy Stew."

Well we did try them and my wife was sold.  So, we were now the proud owner of soup in a bag.  This miracle mix only cost us $9.95 plus tax!  I mean, it was good soup, but soup nonetheless.  So, now that we had our $10 miracle bag, my wife asks the skinny version of Justin Wilson what we have to add to it. 

"Well, ya juss add some chicken, cheese, water or chicken stock, and evaporated milk.  Feed a ho' bunch a people.  Make 'bout a gallon of soup...I GAR-UN-TEE."  OK, I made that last part up, but truthfully, to ensure that this bag of powder became this gallon of soup, we were required to add three of the things in its name -  Chicken, cheese, and the liquids to make it soup!  Did I mention the bag cost ten bucks?  So, what did I buy, a bag of salt and "Enchilada"?  I decided to check the ingredients, which included a bunch of gumbo mumbo jumbo and one really interesting listing.

"Cream of Chickenless Soup."  I'm not sure what that means, but I bought it, so call me the idiot.  Well, after adding another $10 of ingredients to the $10 bag of mystery, we had ourselves a pot of Cheesy (with cheese I bought) Chicken (with chicken I bought) Enchilada (from the bag) Soup (see December's water bill).

Old Cajun dude wasn't kidding.  This will feed a "ho' lotta people."  It's a good thing we only have two adults and one baby food eater in the house.  I will say, the soup was AMAZINGLY good.  I'm glad because I will be eating this $20 soup from a bag from now til next Christmas!