Whether you are a huge fan of Cinderella's castle or everything Game of Thrones, you have dreamed of either staying or living in a castle. My mom used to have a castle calendar that featured photos from all over the world. I even kept the calendar to use as backdrops for m,y Barbie marries her handsome prince, plays.

You don't have to go over seas or very far, at all, to see a gorgeous castle. The Kentucky Castle is located in Versailles, KY. It's a beautiful 19,355 square ft. medieval-style stone castle surrounded by a stone wall on 53-acres. The castle was built in 1980 and has 17 rooms. Bought in 2017, it was completely renovated at a cost of $2 million. It is now used as a hotel and events center.

The Kentucky Castle is now for sale. Take a look.

Silvestri Real Estate


[SOURCE: Silvestri Real Estate]

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