Hammocks in the back yards are always a good idea. Hammocks on your vehicle? That's an even better idea.

One of the many things I enjoy about Spring, Summer, and Fall is the fact I can relax in a hammock. Something about just being one with the air and not laying on the ground or a chair. I don't know, it's a feel good situation. Turns out, many people feel the same way I do. They have even been daring enough to create something even better than a basic hammock. I introduce to you, the Jammock.

Photo: Jammock


The Jammock can go on top of your jeep or on a truck bed for you to enjoy the relaxing hammock lifestyle on the go! According to Jammock, "Jammock makes the world's best load bearing soft tops, right here, in America. The JammockBlack fits all Jeep Wranglers from 1987 to present. The JammockTruck fits most truck beds."

If you camp, like to travel and enjoy life, the Jammock is probably right for you. This is another reason I need a Jeep in my life. I have been begging my husband for one for literally 4 years. I still don't have one. Just imagine all the fun that could be had?

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