If you want to get a good glimpse into someone's life, check their Facebook page. There are more people looking at your Facebook than you might think, and I'm not talking about your friends and family. I'm talking about employers, schools and now the IRS will be looking at Facebook and Twitter to see if you are cheating on your taxes.

In other words, if you post every picture you have ever taken on your FB page, you might have just given the IRS a reason to look deeper into your personal information. Many people are saying this goes too far and is a total invasion of privacy.

I am certainly not a fan of the IRS, but the people who are crying foul are just plain full of it and need to remove their heads from the sand. Facebook is a public site and whatever you put on your page could open you up to attention you never wanted. If you post something and take heat and ridicule for it, guess what? It's your own fault!!!

If you take a deduction on your taxes for a business trip that was really anything but and you post all of the pictures of yourself on the beach and in the bar and then get a letter from the IRS...Houston, you have a problem.

It sounds almost stupid to say, but we really need to be careful what we post on our FB page. If you are out of work on disability because of an injury, and then post a picture of yourself competing in an Iron Man competition, you're gonna get get nailed genius!

The IRS has every right to go onto your page to see what they might find and there is nothing you can do about it. Granted, as long as you have not accepted the IRS as a friend, what they can see is limited, but the solution is easy...be smart about what you post because it could get you into some really hot water with your employer, the government, your family and maybe your spouse.

I'm so tired of people complaining about their rights when they are doing NOTHING to protect their rights. Don't put yourself out there unless you are prepared for the consequences.

By the way, obviously, the IRS can't check every taxpayers' Facebook page and they say they aren't going to unless they see some red flags on your return and then it's game on. The upside is, I think they will have a hard time proving you cheated based on a photo or some random post, unless of course, you were dumb enough to post on your FB page all of the income and cash gifts you failed to report.

The best way to protect yourself is to do what you have been reminded to do about a million times....CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS. Again, just be smart about using social media and you'll be fine. You are in control of your own fate and destiny.