In 1996 a doctor told Clay Walker he'd be in a wheelchair by 2000, and dead by 2004. It was a grim prognosis for a singer who was just beginning a superstar career. He was 26 years old, had a handful of No. 1 hits and a baby girl waiting for him at home. At first, the Texan just accepted the news.

Fortunately his doctor was woefully misinformed and dead wrong. Multiple Sclerosis wasn't, and isn't, a death sentence. The singer shared his terrifying (but inspiring) story with the Huffington Post in June 2012, saying that not much was known about MS at the time. He dug in and found a new doctor who put him on a drug that stopped the disease's progression and sent him into remission.

In 2003 he began the education effort, forming Band Against MS. Walker has championed the education effort, and while he may have a bad day here and there, he's still singing, playing guitar, golfing and hugging on his wife and kids like any father would do. If you ever get a chance to see him dance, stick around. The "Fall" singer could compete and win on Dancing With the Stars.

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