The fantasy football season kicks off this Thursday. We are so excited that we decided to do a fun fantasy draft of our own...with country music!

It works like any other fantasy draft. The only difference is that we picked country music artists for our team. The rules are simple:

  • The draft is seven rounds, which means that each person gets seven artists.
  • We drew names out of a hat for random drafting order.
  • The first person picks an artist, then the next, each round is completed after every person has picked
  • Once someone picks an artist, that artist isn't eligible to be picked by someone else.
  • Each team must have at least one female artist and one group/duo.
  • Once you go through all seven of the rounds, the draft is complete.

Pretty simple concept really. We all picked some clever team names too.

Ryan- The Dad Bods

Leslie- Buffet of Hotness

Kendra- The Platinum Blondes

Travis- The TROUBLEmakers

Mary- Dances With Pugs

Here's where you come in. You get to vote on which team is the best. Think of it like this: You're going to a country music festival. Which lineup would you rather see? The winning team gets bragging rights. Which as you know, are a pretty big deal! You have now through September 9th to vote. Here are our teams. Take a look at them and then vote on the best team below.



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