At first glance, you might think the above title is misleading - it's not. This Fall, Biblio Tech is set to open in San Antonio and will be one of the first digital only libraries to be completely book-less. We knew this day would probably come but now that it's here, it's kinda scary to think of a library with no books whatsoever. Libraries have always been a place of solace, quiet reflection or just a cool place to hang out and have been a huge part of most of our lives. The books themselves are the stars in any library; old ones, new ones, some that are so old and worn they need to be kept and displayed in a glass case. Some of these books have been there since before our grandparents were born.

Soon the books will be replaced  by personal computers, laptops, tablets and e-readers that you will be able to check out like the books we check out now. Biblio Tech will feature study rooms, meeting rooms and an interactive children's play area, but not a single book anywhere - very sad.

Some libraries are mysterious and haunting; we have one right here in Evansville, the Willard Library has been a fixture in this town for generations and is known nationally as much for the stories about the ghost of the 'Grey Lady' as the books and periodicals.

I love the Willard Library and so do my kids, but the thought of no books in a library like Willard is almost impossible to imagine. The history of the Willard Library is so much fun, especially around Halloween and the books are a big part of that.

The fact of the matter is technology is changing the way we gather information, read and even communicate and our libraries will reflect that change. There is just something about a book in the library that is special and fun. The times...they are a changin'.

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