The United States can be thanked for some some of the biggest scientific discoveries in history, but do you know what the biggest breakthroughs are in the Tri-State?

Business Insider compiled a list of important science discoveries in every state. This includes:

  • California- the idea that the universe is expanding
  • Idaho- the prototype for the first television (thank you for that by the way!)
  • Mississippi- the first lung transplant
  • Missouri- the discovery of the largest known prime number

That's a wide range of inventions/discoveries that began in the United States. Now, on a more local level, you may be wondering what Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky contributed to the world. All three States have some major scientific breakthroughs. These are things that maybe you didn't know began in your state!

  • Illinois- The Theory of Relativity

Physicist Albert A. Michelson conducted highly precise optical experiments to measure the speed of light at the University of Chicago, providing support for Einstein’s theory of relativity. Michelson became the first scientist from the United States to win the Nobel Prize in 1907.



  • Indiana- The Breathalyzer

Robert F. Borkenstein, a member of the Indiana State Police, invented the breathalyzer. The device measures alcohol levels in the blood, which makes it easier to enforce drunk driving laws. Before it was invented, police officers had to rely on vague symptoms, such as a flushed face, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes.


  • Kentucky- The Wireless Phone

Nathan Stubblefield was one of the first people to discover the power of wireless. The inventor, who lived his life in Kentucky, developed a wireless phone at the turn of the 20th century that used magnetic induction.


How awesome is that? Kentucky pioneered the way we use telephones, Illinois helped construct one of the biggest astronomical breakthroughs of all time, and Indiana...well, Indiana helped put a lot of people in jail for drinking and driving!

For the complete list of what each state contributed, check out the article here!




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