Ranker.com released a list of which animal is most likely to kill you by state, or at least what type of animal is the most dangerous. The animal in Indiana might shock you.

What's the Deadliest Animal in Indiana?

Ranker.com received their information from a study conducted by The Centers for Disease Control. When it comes to the deadliest animal in Indiana, it isn't a spider or a snake. It's not a mosquito carrying West Nile. Nope, the biggest killer is cute with big sweet eyes. You are more likely to die by being bitten or struck by larger mammals. More specifically, being struck by a deer.

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What's the Deadliest Animal in the United States?

Deer are not only the deadliest animal in Indiana, but they are also the deadliest animal in the United States. This makes sense, because it's not often you hear about something like a rattlesnake jumping in front of someone's vehicle causing an accident, it's almost always deer. LCB.com released some graphics to show these statistics.

Image Via Man vs. Beast
Image Via Man vs. Beast

Here is what Ranker.com had to say about deer being the deadliest animal in Indiana:

The CDC lists being "bitten or struck by larger mammals" as the most likely cause of animal-related death in Indiana. Deer are a very common problem; collisions with deer usually result in the animal's death, but can also result in human fatalities. In 2016, there were 14,000 deer-involved car accidents in the state of Indiana.

Deer are most active around dawn and dusk, times of low visibility when most people are heading to and from work. Officials urge residents to be extra careful on the roads.

What Are the Deadliest Animals in the Other States?

Does this come as any surprise to you? If it doesn't, then I am sure that you might be surprised by some of the deadliest animals in other states. You can see them in the graphic below from  LCB.com. I think that a state like Illinois has a pretty good argument against theirs. It's not often that I hear about someone being bitten or crushed by a large reptile in Illinois...but what do I know?

Image Via Man vs. Beast
Image Via Man vs. Beast

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