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Tennessee Security Guard Joins Volunteers Cheerleaders for Sick Dance Routine

Like most sports teams, the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team provides different forms of entertainment to keep fans engaged when there's a break in the action on the field. Sometimes it's something as simple as the marching band playing a song, or some type of audience participation game on the jumbotron like the Kiss Cam. The team also gives their cheerleading squad the opportunity to do more than just wave their pom-poms and get the crowd hyped up by letting them do a dance routine in between quarters or during a timeout, which is what they did on Saturday when the Vols hosted the Kentucky Wildcats. However, this time they were joined by a special guest.

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In a video captured by TikTok user and Volunteers fan, Beach Galloway, as the cheerleaders were beginning their routine on the sideline, a security guard who looked like the cousin of the original Jake from State Farm was standing close to the group. So close, in fact, he was preventing a few of them from being able to do the routine. One of them breaks from the group and gets the attention of a man off-camera, which I'm assuming was their coach, but I'm not sure. Whoever this guy is, confronts the security guard and, again I assume, tells him he's in the way and needs to move. But, what the guard does instead whips the entire stadium into a frenzy. Check this out.

@beachgalloway When the blue shirt man won’t get out of the way #VOLS ♬ original sound - Beach Galloway

While I don't know for sure, it seems pretty clear to me this entire thing was staged. The conversation between the man and the guard before the guard joins the group looks a little too animated to me, but who cares? The whole routine was pretty awesome and this guy had the timing and every step nailed down to a tee, and the crowd loved every second of it which is all that matters.

As you can imagine, the video has gone viral and has been picked up by sports and news outlets like ESPN. As of this writing, it's been viewed over 15.5 million times.

So, enjoy your moment Mr. Security Guard, you deserve it.

[Source: Beach Gallows on TikTok]

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