Its not a secret that I'm a fan of older country music.  Though I am slowly adding new stuff to my collection. Ive decided to bring back some music that may have been a while since you've heard it.

The year is 1998. Yes, 20 Years ago.... I know it pains me too.

Collin Raye. Yes he had more than "Love, Me" and some of his other sap fest songs. Yes, they were sappy and you know it!

The Wilkinson's were kind of a one hit wonder. It was a father with his two kids. But something that shows its age is 26cents. "A penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the call," Really, can someone tell me where a working pay phone is, and you can actually call someone for a quarter? Those are a rare sight.

Mark Wills had a few good songs. This was also done by the pop group 98degrees. Oddly, this wasn't the only song that he shared with a artist of another genera. One of the few sappy songs I kinda like.

Lastly, This one! I gasped when I seen this. Reba, to me, is one of the Best ladies in country. Adding Brooks &Dunn, ohh I'm done! It's one of those songs, that years later you can relate to. I was 15 in 1998. I hadn't lived. Now, at 35. I get this. Yep, I think I need to download this too.



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