According to a new survey, most people believe in ghosts and UFOs. I personally have not seen or witnessed either, but that certainly doesn't mean they do not exist. More than 60% of people surveyed said they believe in ghosts and just under half believe in UFOs and more than a third said they experienced an actual paranormal event. There are many famous ghost stories right here in the Tri-State including the 'Grey Lady' who is said to haunt the Willard Library. As far as UFOs, whether you believe or not, the idea that we could be the ONLY intelligent life in our vast universe is almost ignorant. Again, I have never seen a UFO, but I do believe there has to be more out there than just us.

At a recent baseball game in Canada, almost everyone in the stands saw a strange object in the sky above the stadium and one guy was able to zoom in on the object, which certainly did not look like an airplane or helicopter. See the video of the mass sighting below. Do you believe? Very weird.