Prime Day 2020: Top Deals and Fun Finds
Prime Day is happening later this year, but that just means you don't have to hide your Christmas gifts for as long! Here are some of our favorite finds for this year's event. Be sure to keep checking back as we will update this page with new deals as we find them.
Is this a good idea?
First of all, let me start by saying that I am NOT in favor of TVs in kids bedrooms, much to the dismay of my sons. This issue is such a hot button for me; it was one of the factors that led to a divorce. There is a new study out that links TVs in the kids' room to increased risk of obesity and dise…
Things You Should Buy In November
The holidays are quickly approaching and with black Friday just around corner some GREAT deals are ripe for the pickin. November is one of the best months to shop. Retailers hope for huge profits to start off the season of shopping to possibly make up for a not so profitable ending...
Tay-V Performance
Alright, Taylor Swift fans, you can see Taylor performing her new song “The Story of Us” today (May 11th)!
Turn Your TV Off
April 18-25. National TV Turnoff Week Woman's Day offers these tips to help your family tune out:

Start small -- incremental reductions are better than none at all, says Robert Hancox, M.D., a researcher at New Zealand's University of Otago who has studied the…