Teddy bears are pretty awesome but are they children? One woman from Rockford thinks they are.

Sometimes you're sitting in the waiting room at the chiropractor and your best friend sends you a text message.

You open it and expect an update from her daughter, maybe a funny meme or a good date and time to meet up to exchange Christmas presents that you still haven't gotten to yet...

But, that's not what it is this time.

It's that she's watching My Strange Addiction and a woman from Rockford is on the show.

That woman, Krista, replaced her drug addiction with an addiction to caring for teddy bears, according to the Chicago Tribune, who followed the story after in aired on TLC.

The trib also mentioned that Krista was doing really well and gave away all but a dozen of the bears to her friends, family and charity.

The episode my friend was watching was from season 2 of the show, episode 4, which was from 2011, so yes we are a little late on this, but hey, it's still a pretty interesting reason to find Rockford on your tv!

You can watch My Strange Addiction on Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime, Philo and Apple TV.

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