The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and to be honest I'm more excited about all the snacks I'll be eating than the game itself. No offense Tampa Bay and Kansas City, I just come from a Bears household so there's no real horse in this race this year (or most years to be honest).  So I'm looking forward to all the snacks I'll be enjoying on Super Bowl Sunday.

I've seen this trend on the internet for a while where people cover a table in tin foil and pile it high with nachos.  My sister in law's birthday was just a couple weeks ago, so we decided to celebrate with some table nachos. It hit me that this would be the perfect Super Bowl food. I know Super Bowl this year is going to be different, but my husband and I will still be making our favorite Super Bowl snacks to enjoy while at home watching the game, and I have a good feeling these will be making an appearance as well!

Here's how to make them, and some tips we learned from trying them last weekend.

How to Make Table Nachos

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