A suspicious package that was found and denoted by the Evansville Police Department earlier this week is still under investigation by law enforcement.

The device was found on Tuesday around 4PM. According to a press release from the EPD, the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

"Evansville Police continue to investigate the hazardous device that was found on Tuesday. Police were notified of the device around 4:00pm.
The 911 caller told police he had found the device in an apartment that was recently vacated. The caller had been cleaning items out of the apartment and found the device. The caller was unsure of what it was and put in into his own truck with other items he had removed.
The caller then began to worry about the device. He took a picture of it and shared his concern with an officer who then contacted a member of the Hazardous Devices Unit. After viewing the picture, the decision was made to evacuate the area. The Hazardous Devices Unit responded to the area of 3rd and Cherry and began to evaluate the device. They felt it was a viable threat and made the decision to disrupt the device in a controlled manner.
At approximately 7:00pm, the device was disrupted. After a secondary evaluation, the decision was made to perform an additional disruption of the device. The disruption prevents the device from performing in its intended manner.
Following the second disruption, the threat was eliminated. The area was reopened to traffic and residents.
The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. The caller is not considered a person of interest or a suspect in this case.
Information on the exact type of device that was involved in this case is not being released at this time."

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