The cancellation of the 2020 West Side Nut Club Fall Festival dealt a huge blow to the fundraising efforts of the non-profits, churches, and other organizations that set up their booths for those six days on Franklin Street. For many, the annual street festival is their largest fundraiser of the year, and obviously without the money they would normally make over the course of that week, being able to do the things they want to do will be a struggle. The West Side Nut Club is doing their part to try and help offset that loss with their half-pot ticket sales, but there's another way you can help and have a little stylish fun at the same time.

We've created a few fun, Fall Festival-inspired shirts through our store on that not only give you the chance to support these great community organizations monetarily, but also have a little tongue-in-cheek fun with fact that this year's festival isn't happening.

All three designs are available on either a short or long sleeve t-shirt, as well as a zip up hoodie, in royal blue, heather royal blue, black, heather navy denim, and navy with sizes ranging from extra small to 3XL. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the West Side Nut Club's general fund, which they will then distribute to the schools and non-profits they support.

All designs will be available through the end of the day, Saturday, October 10th, 2020 which would have been the final day of this year's Festival.

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Support Evansville Non-Profits with These Fall Festival-Inspired Shirts

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